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t.A.T.u. - All The Things She Said
Sample Page
"Intro to a song. May be an organ playing this sequence. May have made up the key change/chord progression. Please help, it's bugging me and my partner."
Enrico Macias - Les Millionnaires Du Dimanche
Sample Page
"Musique d'une publicité récente dont je ne me souviens plus é_è, c'est une chanteuse et c'est un style assez vieux. Merci de votre aide =D"
Master Density - Give Me A Base
Sample Page
"another Hard Trance song from the 90's"
Minimalistix - Struggle For Pleasure
Sample Page
"'ve known this sound long time ago, but can't remember how it ws called"
Bostro Pesopeo - Cheer Up
Sample Page
"track from ANDHIM set at rave on snow 2013 festival"
American Folk Song - Turkey In The Straw
Sample Page
"Please help me. I tried to whistle it. I think there was a male singer in it but I'm not sure! Post any suggestions please! This is stuck in my head for WEEKS now!"
  • a sample in Electro
  • "Away cam cole"
  • "The Roots - You Got Me"
  • "I figured it out. Its "Closer Than Friends" by Domino and MoKenStef"
  • "Super Katrina j'avais même pas compris qu'il disait "self service""
  • "https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/JVtkyZJvzc/"
  • Tigerblood Jewel - Virginia Highway
  • "no coincidence ! chrisgo ! Either you solve my quiz! or you don't seem to have any tips in my quiz !"
  • new sample in rock
  • "must be a coincidence that you posted the same song"
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