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"what's the name of this music? please help me"
John Legend - all of me
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"Please help me!!!!!!!!"
James Horner - Braveheart Theme Song
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"This comes from the game "Speed Driver Evolution" Its one of the Attract themes and I think its an actual song! Can you help?"
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"This was in a mixmag Dj set for Kaytranada, and nobody can figure out this song"
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"it almost sounds like pumped up kicks to me but i cant find a version that matches"
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"Someone help find out what this song is?"
Justice - Genesis
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"I have no idea what song it is, I know its even come out in movies, but i just cant remember the artist or the name, or anything and its killing me"
  • "Solved it: Shyn Feat. Denise - Ngoma"
  • new sample in pop
  • new sample in Electro
  • Jessica Persée - Li Sem
  • Perle Lama - Pour La Vie
  • new sample in Classical Music
  • "Solved it: Perle Lama - Pour La Vie"
  • "de rien"
  • "Thank you BIIGG"
  • "Solved it: Jessica Persée - Li Sem"
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