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    "Can you send the full sample please?"
  • "Apparently the title of the song is "You make me feel""
  • "Thank hou
    it's not but it's not far too
    neotonThu, 04 Apr 2024 14:52
    Isn't this?
  • 2
    new sample in Rock
  • "Sadly not :( The song sounds pretty good though
    ChloekoitoWed, 10 Apr 2024 22:22 your post remembers me this song can you verify.
  • "Yes :D
    I can't find that sound
    it's just in my head sin e 25 years
    stooddadudeFri, 05 Apr 2024 03:57
    Nah its just him makin sounds (jk)
  • "Yes,
    I've made it by voice.
    Since 1997, I've never it until today"
  • "It could be Wendy's audition song from South park episode 8 season 4? That has the lines ending in what sounds like swears and has the same melody?"
  • 1
    Studio Killers - Jenny
  • "As a Russian native speaker, I know that some English teachers in Slavic countries (like Belarus) humorously tell their students to speak as if there was a hot potato in their mouth and claim it will purportedly sound like an English accent since it mimics the more rounded vowel sounds and less pronounced articulation in Standard American English accents. I think that's exactly what the singer did, and overdid... 🤣"
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