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"i love video editing. Especially reality show editing,
and sometimes when watching reality shows, some music they use is really good and they fit perfectly some scenes, so mainly that's why i have created this account on WatZatSong to ask about certain tracks that are not recognized by Shazam or other music finders."


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  • "WTF?
    rebornjarWed, 08 Dec 2021 00:44
    It's  user3322 
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    a sample in Soul, Funk, Rap
  • Akon - Belly Dancer x Temperature (TikTok Remix)
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  • "@Nanah

    Your suggestion that "love" was being said instead of "tribe" ended up making me solve this one. I was just searching for 1997 UK Rock Vinyl releases with "Love" as the track title on discogs and I ended up stumbling upon Nightnurse. While the song that had "Love" in the title, "I Love Being Used Properly" was not the song, I thought that the band sounded very similar to what I was looking for upon listening to "Skirt", so I looked into their other songs, and I found it!
    Thank you, tbh I likely wouldn't have found it with your suggestion."
  • new sample in World Music
  • coma - Bright Clearing
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    Nightnurse - Golem
  • Ummon - Hiyonat (slowed)
  • "Found it!
    Nightnurse - Golem"
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