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  • Hana - Heavens Garden
  • "Deleting the other sample deleted my comment, the reply, the sample that wasn't the same as this one, and any connection between these samples... Fortunately I managed to find this anyway. To the deletionists: "please delete the sample with no lyrics instead of this one" really means *if* you really must delete one, delete the other and not this one. But as the samples are not the same, there is no need to delete any!"
  • new sample in Electro
  • "Tujamo's "Booty Bounce" Original Track:"
  • "It's a mashup. 5 Seconds Of Summer "Youngblood" vs Tujamo "Booty Bounce". 5 Seconds Of Summer vs. Tujamo - Youngblood Booty Bounce (Chunky Dip Mashup)"
  • "Never mind, I found it! It's "Let's hurt tonight" by OneRepublic hahah"
  • "Thanks bro! I've been desperately searching for this!😘😘"
  • "Thanks bro! I've been desperately searching for this!😘😘"
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