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Video game music ? I'm here."

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"I just want to know the source of this track."
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"found on a cloud strife edit pls help im desperate"
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"I have heard this in an intro, I have tried checking engelwood's songs and kokonoku's but I haven't found anything. PLEASE I DON'T EVEN KNOW THE LANGUAGE ITS IN BUT IT'S NOT ENGLISH, also for the genre I would have to say it's beachy pop-lofi ish kinda, I"
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"hi . tnx for any help need to know the name for full vers"
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"does anybody know what this song is? can"
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"Tried shazam and everything but i cant find this sound please help"
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  • Favours for Sailors - Hanging on your Christmas tree
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  • "the song probably named "horizon""
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  • "thanks
    AlemannSun, 25 Sep 2022 12:06
    it sounds at 1:06 min
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