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Video game music ? I'm here."

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"Please find this im begging! (HAS GAME SOUNDS IN BACKGROUND)"
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"Been hearing this everywhere lately, but can't seem to figure it out and shazam can't identify it. Track is slightly edited from what I can tell."
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"The only thing I found for this was "Boss (Remix) XTung Mario" in a Vietnamese website but the quality is terrible, so this makes me think it's not the actual title."
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"i don't know much about the song"
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"track has been extracted from a meme"
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"Please to find my music"
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"Opening song in Youtube's video "TTT - The Jin Cursed Legend""
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"Does anyone know which song is this? Thanks in advance"
  • "Wow, that was insanely quick! Thank you very much! 😉"
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    "klingt wie die Pet Shop Boys..."
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    Jeancy - Dont worry about me
  • new sample in Electro
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    new sample in Other
  • new sample in Other
  • new sample in Other
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    Gheri - Una Domenica D'Estate
  • E. Space - Just A Little Vox Noise
  • a sample in Pop
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