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"99,9% of the samples are for my pro wrestling entrance music database - https://sites.google.com/site/indywrestlingentrancemusiclist/home"


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"Who composed this ? HELP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-ysw0sOPSw"
Drake - Crew Love (feat. The Weeknd)
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"sounds like they are saying "its so hard" at the begging, sorry its so little to work form its from some random vine"
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"Found this song in an IPhone app called 'quick sleep'. The file name of the song is called '08 universal logic nostalgia (loop 2).mp3', tried to search it with Google and returned with no relating result. I believe this song has a full version."
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  • DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Crazy P Mix)
  • Kids at the Bar - So We Can Party
  • DJ Ody-C feat. Andy Pollo - Bien Machin
  • a sample in Soundtrack
  • "clean up Bien Machin by DJ Ody-C feat. Andy Pollo https://youtu.be/tojaFD6F8Vc"
  • "clean up So We Can Party by Kids at the Bar 1:20 https://youtu.be/2xUhRq57nLM"
  • "clean up Township Funk (Crazy P Mix) by DJ Mujava 1:55 https://youtu.be/jnoh6fQrAPc"
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