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  • "https://youtu.be/uThSFMdkv0c"
  • Michael Miglio - Never Gonna Let You Go
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  • "We are jealous of djalone and Miro! Ha ha... Yes, I am very jealous. I actually have a strong desire to be 60-year old grumpy grandpa who's attacking young women on this site. LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLafNhYBak0 Now facts: djalone is the worst member here in 2017./2018. Pure Shazamer, fake answers, proposing doubles and cleaner's answers, zero real finds. To be worse, he's first on ranking all the time. New users see that and confirm his fakes instead of correct answers sometimes, probably thinking: ''This guy is the best on the site, he is probably right!'' I forbade him my Quiz, I don't want 100% Shazamers, there's no point. I asked him to reduce Shazam to 80%, he refused. Miro is good with music and finds, but bad as a person. He doesn't want to apologize. If he apologizes to lawn ( in private would be fine too ) we will respect him again. He knows that."
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