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"Ten great tracks

Ac/dc - Let there be rock"
Pink Floyd - See Emily Play
Igor Stravinsky - L'Oiseau de feu
Spencer Davis group - I'm a Man
The Shangri-Las ) Long Live Our Love
Abba - the piper
Blue Oyster Cult - Nosferatu
Pussy Cat - Ce N'est Pas Une Vie
News Days Delay - Stereokatastrophe
The Buggles - I am a camera"

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    "can you please give longer samples for your remaining songs?"
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    "@hajka1233, in all honesty, at this point these proposals aren't going to get the OP back. I know you're trying to get their attention, but they get quite annoying quickly and you'll probably get the opposite of what you want."
  • "Moderator, confirm this please, it's solved case, 3 months solved already. I also didn't immediately notice that the assumption made sense because the song is designated as a classic, but it's not classic actually."
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