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"Rhythm is life and life is rhythm."


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  • "Yeah, each of us has our own special little "cockroaches in the head".. :) (It's another figurative Russian expression;))) All these cockroaches are so different.. (and the same, sometimes)), but, anyway, we've to get along with them 🤞 (and other people also have to get along with us & with our ^^ cockroaches ;D C'est la vie :)"
  • "Yes, now I also suspect these attributes are just fantasy, alas.. (so for now, you can click "Refuse All") Apparently, it's YT-reuploading'2011 of an even much older track, wandering around the Internet since the days of the "turtle" ADSL (Therefore, the audio bitrate's only 48 kbps) Sadly, this matter of accurate identification looks like a lost cause. If it hasn't yet been identified until now in this 20+ years, the chances of success will melt away more and more every year.. Unfortunately, this world's still full of frustrations...)"
  • "*Alas, test Apple-preview doesn't want to load with any syntax today.."
  • "DOUBLE"
  • Kieran Alleyne - Runnin Low - Single
  • Kieran Alleyne - Runnin Low
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  • "Original https://youtu.be/O1JqM0w_7g0?t=52 Slowed https://youtu.be/nPqAFgwBuwQ?t=51"
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