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Andre Nickatina - Ice Cream
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"its like a jack in the box piano song ..."
Sara Montiel - La Violetera
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"its a classical song from"
Miss Velvet - Cincinnati Street (Pnau Remix)
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"the backing music it's from justin timberlake-like i love you, but i want to know the lyrics of this song and who sung it"
Lucia Mendez - Polvo
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"what's the name of this beautiful Spanish song please"
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"I Like this song and i want know name of artist and song,mp3cutted from one video recorded from car"
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Pale Waves - There's a Honey
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"guys i need help finding this song, it was an opening band at a the 1975 concert but i didn't catch the name of it"
The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Chevaliers De Sangreal
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"It's Hans Zimmer's "Chevaliers de Sangreal" but not the original score and I'd like to know the artists who cover this."
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"It comes from a Blue Moon commercial, Viene de un anuncio de cerveza Blue Moon"
  • Chevalrex - L'adversaire
  • new sample in pop
  • "You're welcome!"
  • "Because everything that is 70's interests me so I rush on it ..."
  • "I totally agree!Definitely 1970!"
  • "Thank you so much!!!"
  • "You are amassing it take me longer to type a line or two of text than you take to name and find a link to a song! Thanks again!"
  • "One thing is sure: that single (45 RPM) or album (LP), was pusblished in Brasil, are you agree? And about middle 70's, but, a date more near to 1970 or to 1980?"
  • ""
  • Panda Eyes - Kiko
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