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"I'm looking for this song, naturally, without the "run, b***h, run""
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"I don't know the genre, so I didn't select one. This is a song played between segments on my local public radio station, but they weren't able to tell me the name of it. I would appreciate it if someone could name the song and the musician for me."
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"Please help me, to find this great Remix :)"
  • "Oh thanks a million! It is a Freejak Remix and sped up maybe 10%."
  • "NathanB2, please confirm :)"
  • "You had the Good call with DMX :)"
  • new sample in Soundtrack
  • ""
  • Kana Boon - Nai Mono Nedari
  • new sample in pop
  • "Good call! Thank you."
  • new sample in Soul, Funk, Rap
  • DMX - Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys
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