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"thanks in advance for the help"
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"Can't get the song out of my head. Anyone know where it's from?"
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"its a bollywoood song i guess but i am not able to find it out....please help me . thanks a lot :)"
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"I'm not quite sure of the genre. It resembles a trap remix, like someone took a sad piano song and turned it into a rather "creepy" remix. If anyone finds it or recognizes the song from somewhere, not even it being a remix, please tell me."
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"catchy beat, need the song name pls."
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"I need to know the original song of this melody, thank you."
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    "szymmirr, sam jesteś Polakiem? Skąd taki brak szacunku dla Polaków w twoich próbkach?"
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  • "if you tell us the name of the movie then it'll be really helpful"
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  • "this could be any trap soundcloud track from the many. And since you heard It from what i think is a youtube video series or a series on tv then it wont be that hard to find but it'll take some time"
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