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  • "thank you"
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  • "Yes, your lyrics are correct. I was so sure that title is ''Think it over'' so I listened all songs with that title - I couldn't find. I tried them all: Work it out (babe) Make your mind, It depends on you. 4. part is simple, I think: What you're gonna do ( Whatcha gonna do )."
  • ""
  • "The name of the band has already been announced. But I can't even name the song myself. :)"
  • SickNest - Voices Of The Unknown
  • new sample in pop
  • "I have trouble understanding the 4th part of the chorus. Here is an attempt at the transcription, not sure if it is correct: Think it over Work it out babe Make your mind up Watch ... too ??? (Watch your/you're ... too ???) Think it over Work it out babe Make your mind up It depends on you"
  • "You're welcome and thank you too for making all those contacts, it was the only way. :-)"
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