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"The world is tolerable only with music...
How much you believe in music you are listening?"


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globus - orchard of mines
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"The melody won't get out of my head but I have no clue what it's from. I think it might originally be on strings. Thought for a minute it was Westworld's version of Paint It, Black but no dice."
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"aa! aa! aaaa... aa! aa! aaaa... help me find the track please"
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"maybe something older like Madonna, female"
edward maya - angel of love
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"Please listen for the instrumental music only, it is not a song, it's a soundtrackin background"
Kalwi & Remi feat. Amanda Wilson - you and i
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"Some kind of techno pop song. I think it had a line like, "you and i, we'll be here forever" or something like that"
  • "Amazing!! Thanks so much! Weeks of getting annoyed trying to find it on Spotify 😂"
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  • a sample in Electro
  • ""
  • Steve Winwood - While You See A Chance
  • Jai Wolf - Indian Summer
  • "ty"
  • "yw!"
  • "thanx"
  • "This song is stuck in my head but can’t think of any of the lyrics to look it up and it is really annoying me! Please help!"
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