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  • Meltycanon - Hit a Lick
  • Strigoi - Habar n-ai tu
  • "Looks like Jackie Chan early movies style... This is so rare man, I doubt that even old guys like me can find it. Anyway, it's a beauty"
  • a sample in Country
  • "you can have rejected, it wasn't the exact answer, anyway nice you found it :)"
  • "Funkagenda vs Eurythmics Sweet Fuck Funkagenda WTF Mix"
  • "Hit a Lick meltycanon"
  • a sample in Soundtrack
  • "I found: Strigoi - Habar n-ai tu"
  • "Thanks Sweet Dreams What The Fuck. Funkagenda vs Euryt. RMX - DJ ACA (ALIEN)"
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