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    "That may explain why the only word I can understand is "crying", if I'm even hearing that right.
    julombieSat, 24 Feb 2024 20:27
    I think this is Danish, or English mixed in with Danish.
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    맘보3 (Mambo3) - A Red Sky
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    "SoundHound picked up on the song and I was able to track it down to a Korean musicshare website, where it is playable. However, I cannot download the song without signing up, which requires a Korean phone number (I do not have)."
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    a sample in Pop
  • new sample in Other
  • "Clean Up.
    Doug Goodwin (composer) & Barbatsalos (singer) - From Head To Toes"
  • "I could find 2 songs that use this sample (both found on apple music):
    Royalty Klub - Love or Lust (Lol) [feat. Tyko Vain] (
    Misso - paStiS (feat. JAKOBB) ("
  • a sample in Electro
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    "Also I hear a radio station name, "Top FM". Maybe it's possible to contact them and ask if they know which song was played?"
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    a sample in Rock
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