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  • "I understand the confusion, Lasgo is a dance project with different singers. The sample in question is by Evi Goffin from 2005.
    Yours is Jelle Van Dael from 2010...
    bruno81Tue, 06 Jun 2023 22:02
    C'est troublant, le même nom et le même titre mais différent
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  • Katja Ebstein - Der Stern Von Mykonos
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    "You're welcome 😄
    theffiixxTue, 06 Jun 2023 23:01
    Thank you very much for searching and finding this song😊
  • "I really appreciate your support, I hope one day to find the singer and the song of course 
    DanielF7Tue, 06 Jun 2023 23:00
    neaegeressemSat, 03 Jun 2023 18:22
    There is no audio sample for the song "Tengo Miedo" by this Mexican singer (1984). Would be interesting to hear as it is an original. (No lyrics found either):

    But there are two videos with earlier songs by him (70s). What does the requester think of the voice?:
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  • "Thank you very much for searching and finding this song😊"
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