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  • "While, yes, the original cover uses "It's My Life" instrumental, I am looking specifically for the Korean cover and everyone who were behind it. Not sure if you can still find necessary information regarding the cover or not, though."
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  • "Just upload the sound but I Gusse Got corrupted"
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    "Vers 15 secondes"
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    Pierpoljak - Là où je vais
  • "Based on Wayback Machine archive results for the Billy MP3 player credits file, the Sammy you're talking about is Sammy Dirksz. He was credited as a beta tester for the program and was in at least two bands which are listed on Discogs. He played guitar in a band named Crivits, but their album didn't seem to fit the vibe. There's another short album he did later under the band Spring Rain that's marked as Emo and has three tracks.

    Haven't been able to find these online yet, but I'll update you if I do."
  • "Where is the sound?"
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