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Can you name this song?

38 days ago

Electro - instrumental


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  • "Orchestration is definitely from Mahler."
  • "woops thx Katynett"
  • Henry Mancini - Not From Dixie
  • "It’s not that song :’(, a great suggestion but when I listened to it I knew it wasn’t the one I was thinking of... the song I’ve got in mind but can’t quite put my finger on has the same slow rhythm and more deliberate violin strokes similar to my snippet, whereas your suggestion is a bit faster tempo... it’s actually killing me and I’m starting to think the song doesn’t exist XD When I think of it, it reminds me of a song that would be used in like a classical show as an intro or potentially like the start of an award show like the brits or something, I’m just spitballing but what I am trying to say is it’s more like a musical tune than a actual song you may listen to regularly... thank you for your suggestion though! Now hopefully you are confused and frustrated as I am XD"
  • "also, discogs only lists one member being in the band, when there are clearly quite a few others in the 2 pictures."
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  • "sooprpig told me that music here tonight is most likely an original song made by peter for the band. he also wrote 2 other songs, "miss lucky" and "engel der musik" he was going off the discogs info, so i think it's most likely all correct. From what it seems, the band may not have had a consistent line up, and had lots of guests/features. Also, apparently it wasn't rare for cover bands from the 80's to mix in original songs with covers sometimes. So i'd say it's all true..."
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  • Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean
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