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  • "If that had been a regular request not quiz and if I had found that by software (which I sometimes use) I would have verified it on Youtube and would have given exactly that answer anyway. And most likely the requester would have thanked my because he would have believed it too."
  • "Oh these are bad words and I will not translate it)"
  • "sure. But I saw no reason to look there. Youtube title looked fine to me."
  • new sample
  • "Isn't that proof? https://www.discogs.com/ru/English-Evenings-English-Evenings/master/191619"
  • "What do they say?"
  • new sample in Classical Music
  • new sample in Classical Music
  • "I hear cool Polish swearing here, because I understand the words :)"
  • "Thanks! So this is definitely Yiddish, but the speakers of this language are silent ..."
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