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  • "chrisgo some little-known remix possible idk,but thanx"
  • "Appreciate it so much 😍🙏🏻❤️"
  • "RobinR1 where did you find that?"
  • a sample in Classical Music
  • "The title can be heard in the first 20 seconds of the longer sample. Longer sample: https://vocaroo.com/1o1eohGJ0G6F Certainly, our goal is to find the song over the title rather than by posting a full sample on YT and waiting for a response to be served. It's a handy tactic for requests but in a quiz it doesn't make sense, it's almost like using software in a quiz..."
  • a sample in pop
  • Marilyn Rucker - I Love Your Smell
  • new sample
  • new sample
  • Redbone - Come and Get Your Love
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