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  • "I'm not really sure of the lyrics, but in some way this part could be: "you go looking for love 'anyway' everyday I will 'play' for you. Do you 'know'". The single quote mark is for what I think is the word in that part of the song."
  • 220 Kid feat. GRACEY - Don’t Need Love
  • "@thefukfan, please give the answer, so I can close your request, thanks"
  • DJ Quicksilver - Street Sales
  • Christafari - Try Jah Love
  • "@KamenkoTV, did you yourself accept this answer? If not, why didn’t you reject it?"
  • "sounds like despacito on guitar to me."
  • "i also heared it somewhere i want to know name too, im bookmarking this page."
  • new sample
  • "Quality is too bad there's no chance... could you provide lyrics i mean text of the song if u remember when you heared so someone might be able to recognize.!"
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