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  • See Saw - You Resemble Me (Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru)
  • "Hi PSville! I think you could be right when you mean that this Italian song could be from an Austrian singer, because I often had cases when I looked for a song in English language that some of them were from Austrian artists. And they are mostly very hard to find. A few years ago I looked for a song called "Caldonazzo". And later somebody found that song and it was from an Austrian singer or group called "Cebra". And this is probably why I looked for this song very, very long. But many, many thanks for your tip. I will try to ask a seller who offer this album, send him my sound sample and ask him if my song is the same as on his record. I'm going to inform you, when I know more. Best regards. Muzzbuzz"
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  • "@Asi, look here. Actually there was no Ferdinand Loh :)"
  • "Hello lisahamp871! Many thanks for your good tip with Mal. But he isn´t. Because I remember that I tried the version from Mal a long time ago. I sent my sound sample to a seller who offered the song and he told me that it's not the song for I'm looking for. Best regards. Buzz"
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  • Ferdinand Loh - Flea Waltz
  • a sample in Electro
  • ""
  • Enya - Only Time
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