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51 days ago

Soul, Funk, Rap - english

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  • a sample in pop
  • "Fantastico mate@zozinhoe ,thanks a ton for finding me this song ,i heard this song while watching Fortnine ,i tried so much searching for this but to no avail ,you found it -very much appreciate the help thanks again to you ^_^"
  • ""
  • Oliver & The Spectacles - Hit the Ground Running
  • a sample in
  • "Yes! I tried to search the song with "La Marca" with parts of the lyrics but no luck! I guess I should have searched for the albums of lamarca knowing the song's length, thanks for your time again Nanah!"
  • "Take a bullet straight through my brain (Bruno Mars - Grenade)"
  • Bruno Mars - Grenade
  • ""
  • Vice Squad - Last Rockers
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