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  • "Please send information of this music"
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  • "@ Mariusz, you can upload a longer sample to and leave a link in the comment here. Please don't create duplicates anymore, and just periodically write in the following comments here, something like this: "Up!", "Help!", "S.O.S.", etc. : o) This will be seen in the chat "RECENT ACTIVITY", and someone who knows the answer will see and respond, sooner or later. ;o)"
  • "Thanks 4 yr reply miroVt, but nope its not this song, unfortunately, still searching it in the internet and nothing found , pffff but i gotta find this song😁😁😁"
  • "ok!"
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  • "sorry my bad, now i listened to the version by Kerry Christensen. first i ignored him because of him english resembling name. though it's indeed him. however the idiom sounds rather bavarian and not swiss-german."
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