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63 days ago

Electro - instrumental


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  • "so i followed this child up these stairs and these stairs led to heaven and i saw the pearly gates as i walked in the pearly gates the shadow of the pearly gates came down across my face and i was confused so i sat on the left hand side of the lord and i said these things to the lord hand me my wings these are not wings hand me my wings these are not wings hand me my heart this is not my heart hand me my these are not this is not this is not my heaven or some such..."
  • Robin Beck - Save Up All Your Tears
  • "Didn't realize the song gets cut off at ~15 seconds. here's a longer clip"
  • a sample in Electro
  • new sample
  • new sample
  • "Wow!! Thanks a lot. This is it."
  • new sample in pop
  • "Erm, where are the lyrics?"
  • "Thanks a lot!!!"
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