This sample has been deleted

  • "Again, not yet?"
  • "There is no sample. The song was in a YouTube video along time ago but is now deleted. I don't have the song unfortunately"
  • "Can anyone here help? I've been searching for years..."
  • new sample
  • "Un des magazines phares de l'ORTF des années 60."
  • "Yes, in his first album the Scorpions played prog rock..."
  • "UP"
  • "Oui...c'est pour cela que j'avais proposé , comme il le dit dans ton extrait..."
  • ":o Didn't know the Scorpions made psychedelic rock."
  • "Lol bah je l'ai trouvé nul part :( C'était pour ça le " Bonne chance " ?"
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