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  • "Yes, it sounds slightly different. The song is from 1999, and she was born in that year, she studied piano for 10 years at school, she probably learned the song and over the years her mind and hands modified the melody. And she forgot the title of the song. I was sure that I knew this song, but I couldn't remember it. Later, when I see her, I will tell her, and I will give her regards from a friend who helped us. Thank you very much, sincerely."
  • ""
  • Luciano Ugo Rossi , Von Hemingway , William Riddims - Black Warrior
  • a sample in
  • "You're welcome, I didn't recognize this song or voices ( although maybe I saw it before in some Quiz here, not sure ); I found it by title, lost some time on lyrics and searching for the title Mini Dance and then I finally tried Midi. :-) But all the credits go to miroVT, he was faster."
  • " (21:54)"
  • "Give her my regards! Slightly different from the original but she plays very well. As far as I can judge, because I can't play the piano :("
  • ""
  • " Thanks!"
  • "You're welcome elabismo I found the song,recognizing the voices of the men's duo"
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