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  • "This is the female vocalist of Hi NRG act ATTACK"
  • "What a mystery track...Eurobeat track with ''Falling in love'' title not exist"
  • "1988 Hi-NRG"
  • "Do you remember what kind of game it is (RPG, Action-adventure, etc) and if it's an older game (like on N64 or PS1 with 8 bit midi music), or a newer game with real sounding instruments?"
  • a sample in pop
  • Sisley Ferré ‎ - For You
  • a sample in
  • a sample in World Music
  • "It's not listed anywhere who did the cover. I see Reddit articles which call it the "belter version", but no artist credit given. Some on Tunefind are guessing that it's the shows regular musical composer Clinton Shorter's version. But nothing has ever been released."
  • "این Skepta نیست، اما شاید حلقه ریمیکس از آن بخش. من آرزو می کنم که تقریبا ده سال طول بکشد"
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