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  • "Huuum, LS3 asked that the sample be deleted, he’s supposed to know what he wants, better than me."
  • "what About this one?"
  • "This is the track: 5 Seconds Of Summer vs. Tujamo - Youngblood Booty Bounce (Chunky Dip Mashup)"
  • "If I will find one I will post it. But Maybe moop Can delight us which Version it is."
  • Blasterjazz - Electricity
  • Blasterjaz - Electricity
  • "You're welcome"
  • "@prmusic : and you were right! I just wanted to listen to this version :)"
  • "i understand. mailbox must be glitching or something. i won’t post this sample anymore when i’m just trying to find a song. hopefully, i can find a site that can help me, thank you."
  • "@Katynett - I don#t have a link. I know Deep Purple did some very Long versions of Smoke on The water and at the end of moop's sample it sounds a bit like. 40 days ago I was asking for 'DP' but moop didn't react so I decided to give it a try. :)"
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