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900 days ago

Electro - other

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  • "Merci!"
  • "Top!"
  • Argent - Hold Your Head Up
  • "@djalone, I don't know who you are or where you're from but you just made my day better. I had completely forgotten about this but saw an email in my inbox about it and was confused for half a second until I clicked on the link and saw this. You're an amazing human."
  • "je crois qu'il y avait Eric Carmen dans ce groupe..."
  • "je l'ai quizé une ou deux fois..."
  • the Raspberries - Go All the Way
  • "ça a été un gros tube à l'époque, ça a été repris en français par H Aufray..."
  • Peter Skellern - You're a Lady
  • "Are you sure? The link I've sent in my comment is exactly the same piece but performed a little bit differently. I mean that the melody is the same. May be you have a longer sample to compare?"
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