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  • "Hmm, it looks like they sampled it, but I can't accept it, it's the original song that I'm after. Thanks though."
  • a sample in World Music
  • "Immortal Night album #8"
  • "How dows you search on youtube? For Example "the quick adventures tonight." What Do you write in the searchline ?"
  • Nguyen Minh Duc - Sleepy jake
  • "Effectivement, après une bonne nuit de sommeil c'est mieux..."
  • "Usually YouTube and discogs - but you have to guess a title and sometimes genre and some other things. It gets harder if we can't find an audio proof or if we can't understand the title. I already have 2 suspects among your songs that I can't prove it."
  • ""
  • new sample in Soundtrack
  • ""
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