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Road To Destiny - Power

27 days ago

Electro - english

found in 10 hours



  • The Raging Dawns - Mutant Reality
  • "Костя, название MP3-файла для загрузки сюда должно быть только на латинице. Заливай теперь на Вокару https://vocaroo.com/upload и сгенерированную ссылку скопируй сюда в коммент)"
  • "@Brst, it's not that song. It sounds very similar, but it's not the same song. In fact, there’s almost no doubt it’s that band, the same voice and style, but the song is not Versailles. https://hotplayer.ru/?s=antonia+and+the+operators"
  • "wow fast thanks wtg"
  • Bryan El - Arcana
  • new sample in Jazz, Blues
  • "Emm, I wanna find an original track where was taken this fragment."
  • new sample in World Music
  • "you can only add samples that are mp3 others are not allowed"
  • "http://tnkscr.net/Zo4UBW.jpg"
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