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PIFTS.exe - It is A Mystery

159 days ago

pop - instrumental

found in 9 hours



  • "sounds like https://youtu.be/rJCBYUKMvMQ?t=11"
  • "@SALIM What are you talking about? A lot of your questions were found with Shazam."
  • ":( nope"
  • "1. Miro thinks lawngreen is a big Shazamer. Fair enough, he doesn't know anything about free music and softwares, he can't check. 2. So, I am giving proofs that lawngreen has hundreds of not-software finds. 3. Miro doesn't believe to solid proofs. 4. Lawngreen has more and more big finds ( much more than Miro, actually ), I give more and more proofs. 5. Miro still doesn't believe. Or does he? Maybe he pretends? Maybe Miro doesn't want to admit he was wrong. Maybe Miro is not a good and honest person. An honest guy, a gentleman, would have said: ''Sorry, I was wrong!'' @Salim, I don't know who found your old songs, I am here only 1 year. But I saw who found a free song in Premium request recently. It wasn't djalone, Miro or software, it was lawngreen. And she found hundreds of hidden free songs, which are not in software or after djalone and others proposed fake Shazam titles first. Sorry if I disappointed you, but that is the truth! Have a nice evening."
  • "It reminds me of "Let Her Go" by Passenger"
  • "hi mutley i don´t undertand russian...rsrs"
  • "Thank you so much!"
  • "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyz-zayfoq8 start in 0:30"
  • A Band called Quinn - Wolf Cries Boy (Retical Room Remix)
  • new sample in pop
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