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Mattie Maguire - Promise

found in 4 days



  • "Very similar to Hans singing ..."
  • Rodgers - Oklahoma : The Surrey With The Fringe On Top
  • "It seems that you are definitely right! Thanks in advance! I’ll try to find out from my friends and if this is true, then your answer will be immediately accepted."
  • "True, but this is one of the most famous ..."
  • "Same searches: https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/31435.html https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/489269.html https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/511126.html https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/520694.html https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/530509.html https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/605791.html https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/606480.html https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/621101.html https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/627895.html https://www.watzatsong.com/en/name-that-tune/658552.html"
  • "Die A-Seite zum Vergleich: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdykS3B7bBI"
  • Hans Peter - Zweisamkeit
  • "@rebornjar, there are a lot of mysterious songs ..."
  • "Die B-seite von dieser Single hier würde von der Laufzeit gut passen: https://www.discogs.com/de/Hans-Peter-Hey-Du-Da/release/4694764"
  • "Maybe the name of this band had something to do with death? Often the name of the band determines the fate of the members ..."
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