Lou & The Hollywood Bananas - J'suis En Desamour

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  • ".....It looked pretty creepy. I know this is really specific, but anything that is remotely like this, please try to help. Been trying to figure this out for years now....."
  • "....Also, I do remember the album art. It was a picture of a figure in a large, hooded black robe like something from a ritual. And he was standing in fron of a tree with colorfuil flowers on it and rose petal were raining down on him or something...."
  • ".....the words "love", "hate", and "fear" in it. I'm pretty sure it was something like "....of Hate, Love and Fear" And apprently it had microtonal elements in the music, and that was the point of her showing it to me..."
  • "(DONT WORRY ABOUT THE PICTURE IT"S JUST A RANDOM RECORDING CAUSE I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO UPLOAD) So, the only thing I remember is that one time this girl showed me a metal/rock song on her phone. Either the song title or the album title had...."
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  • "Hi, i don´t know the name of this song, but it could be from the French musician "Richard Clayderman" It´s his playing style."
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