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Fer palacio - Bum bum tam tam

found in 2 min



  • "https://youtu.be/MCGIOsL71WQ"
  • Audiomachine (Kevin Rix) - Ad Victoriam (No Choir)
  • Stellar - Guilty
  • Janusz Józefowicz & Chorzów's Teatr Rozrywki Band - Kto nam da popalić
  • "and the really strange thing is: joan baez sang this in the late 60s. the rules for the Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson explicitly ban songs, that were published prior the contest, so how could Marie Myrian win with this melody in 1977 and get away with this?"
  • "Is it that song?"
  • "allthough, judging from the amount syllabels you are humming in the first two sentences, you are probably looking for the joan baez version"
  • "Btw, Google updated cache at the end of the summer. And many WZS-results for old queries disappeared. (I hope it's temporary) However, Yandex is eloquent, as before: https://bit.ly/2IQUiAx https://bit.ly/2TeAVU2 https://bit.ly/3miZ08V https://bit.ly/31x6WeC :)"
  • "Yes"
  • Marie Myriam - Der Vogel und das Mädchen
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