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DJ Wich (feat. Mod the Black Marvel) - Supercharger

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  • "It indeedly sounds similar to the style of Dracula by Gorillaz (my fav band btw!). Thanks for the effort tho, i appreciate it."
  • a sample in pop
  • "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7j_JUr80Ouk"
  • Traditionnel - Sur la Route de Louviers
  • a sample in
  • "Sorry, did not scroll down before posting lol"
  • Skillet - Wispers in the dark
  • "Thanks for posting. I listened to the Youtube clip, and didn't recognise the first one, or the end of the second one. I think it must be the short samples I recognise in the second clip. I thought I had it for a second with Gorillaz - Dracula. But no, its not the same. Its as if its got a reggae beat, and reminds me generally of tracks I listened to on some Smokedown CDs from the late 90s. Good luck finding it."
  • "Clean up"
  • "It's called: Robin Hustin x Tobimorrow - Light It Up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0ZSKZeKIho"
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