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Corey Gagne - Ice Tea

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  • "Yeah I know TRON INC and I belive that not he's the one who make those remix but yeah he's the one."
  • "Serge Perathoner et Jannick Top - Tourteaux Song Bienvenue chez les Rozes (2003)"
  • "Yeah, it's kind of a weird name for a Remix. But this name was reported by the author of the coub and the video from YT."
  • "Completing the incomplete description above : "With you" is also probably the title of the song, that I don't remember who produced. It'a modern Electronic(Pop-ish) track with a hard Progressive-House drop. Also, as WatZatSong has removed a bit of the end part of the track, here's the full audio : https://instaud.io/3RC6 (I linked the audio for the sole purpose of letting users listen to the whole piece, and have no intention to advertise/promote any other websites here. Hope that makes it clear.)"
  • new sample in Electro
  • "I hoped that was not the true remix name but i was wrong. Okay I accept that name."
  • new sample
  • "Wow thanks so much! I kinda knew it was a Caucasian language but it's hard to know exactly which one since I'm never exposed to them."
  • "double"
  • "Double"
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