Bela Bartok - For Children - Volume 1, No. 17 : The Young Bride

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  • Carlos Gardel - Por una Cabeza
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  • "Ok, the true URL is too long, so here's the same URL, but shrunk: I shrank the url using, you'll see it'll redirect you to the same long URL I posted before."
  • "Oh, yeah, the remix is called Esque Remix. *EDIT: The song is Final Hour by X-Ray Dog, the remix, "Esque Remix" might not be by the same artist, but I can't find confirmation on the artist of the remix, only the remix itself."
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  • "Oh, yeah, the remix is called Esque Remix."
  • "It's a remix of that song, you can hear it here: http://data10.api.я.ws/mp3/YUhSMGNEb3ZMMk56T1MwM2RqWXVkbXN1YldVdmNERXpMemc1TWpVMU4yTmtPVGxoTkRoaExtMXdNdz09/play.mp3?i=TVRnMkxqSXlNQzR4TXpBdU1UVTQ="
  • X-Ray Dog - Final Hour
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