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    a sample in Soundtrack
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    a sample in Electro
  • "Thank you very much! Nice!"
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  • The Desert Elements - Highlander (Radio Edit)
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    a sample in Other
  • new sample in Other
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  • new sample in Electro
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    rebornjar has found that the track name is "Pylons" by Mochas for Epidemic sound, however the sample isn't an exact version/mix of that song. I've found that the "Stuff made here" creator uses an instruments track ( but listening closely the difference is not just that the vocals are removed but also that it has a much heavier base and an additional guitar layer that doesn't exist in the vocal version. 

    Neither version of the track exists on Epidemic sound anymore, and other platforms only have the vocal version so I still can't find a source for the music in the sample. 

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