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  • "OMG! it was lady gaga singing about the paparazzi all this time?! i guess i really needed to listen closer to hear those lyrics, but then again, I could barely hear anything but the melodoy in that store.Thank you so much."
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  • Jason Derulo - Trumpets :)
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  • "Oops.. Posted before I wrote the whole thing.. I think there is some guy or a chorus or something singing 'na na nananana na na nananana' in the tune I'm whistling here (which is the song's chorus) along with a horn of some kind - maybe a trumpet?"
  • "It's not Richard Clayderman ;)"
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  • "I emphasize this because Recent Activity HAS BEEN UPDATED. You can now also check 1 hour ago or so. http://www.watzatsong.com/en/recent-activities"
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