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  • "insekt3 thank you very much, as you know was the custom of some of Spain djs accelerate songs"
  • "boom!"
  • The Grid - Boom! (Deep Space Mix)
  • "yes, i already solved grid for you so i'll just hack it in so it's out of the way"
  • "YEEES and they *never* played them in the radios !! Because, ol' Granny Schmidt could've complained to the station it's too horrible for her ears, and then they'll take it off!"
  • "yes it's too fast well:-)"
  • "I guess this is THe Grid - Boom (Deep Space Mix) Please propose."
  • "says who?:-)..Modern Talking was played a lot here on the radio as well:-) but yes 242 is part of our musical patrimonium:-)"
  • "plays way too fast, I'll make a bet"
  • "Well, I know that :) Anyways in this case it's fine, the dots and semicolon won't confuse the server system."