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  • new sample in rock
  • "Pianoman: these are the complete & correct lyrics for the song! But all searching leads just back to the pastebin :-( As Hasmin suggests, I must try to figure out the possible title. Of course I've done that already before, to no avail, but I'll try again"
  • "Merci ;)"
  • Timber Timbre - Demon Host
  • Bear In Heaven - Demon
  • Get Well Soon - You Cannot Cast Out the Demons (You Might as Well Dance)
  • Snarky Puppy - Slow Demon
  • "Ca ressemble pas mal à Desdemona qu'il avait sorti sous le pseudo de John's Children à ses débuts."
  • "ici, petite dédicace pour Katrina, 'fin, un clin d'oeil :)"
  • "hello guys ! rien de démoniaque aujourd'hui, que des trucs faciles :)"