Peter Lelasseux - Mieux Vaut Faire L'Amour Que La Guerre

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  • "I think you missclicked and gave me answear for some other song :D ty anyway :)"
  • "OOOH YEEAHH ! VERY NICE JOB BRO !! that's the original, not the remix but it's so good ! THX A LOT !"
  • "Few times repeat beginning Parov Stelar - All Night"
  • Parov Stelar - All Night
  • new sample
  • "Yep, that's it. Thanks!"
  • "Thanks You"
  • "Thanks. I hope you're right! I need the title of this piece urgently."
  • new sample
  • Nhan Solo - I Wanna Be High (Original Mix)
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