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  • "Also, at the end of the documentary there was no music accreditation only graphics and the names of people involved. I wish their were, but thanks to anyone who is trying to help me find this song. I greatly appreciate it."
  • "@ Jamo it would be a good idea to check your samples and press CONFIRM button to those you think the answer is right."
  • Thee Oh Sees - Ghost in the Trees
  • "To be more specific, it's space themed music, I also notice the full mp3 I uploaded wasn't recorded. So here another link to the full sound: http://picosong.com/4LL7/"
  • "UP - https://app.box.com/s/obd59ecp8rzcpupcqw9z"
  • "Thanks a lot"
  • "ohhh yeahh! Thanks Sofunk!! Very much appreciated."
  • "ohhh yeahh! Thanks Sofunk!! Very much appreciated."
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