jean yanne et paul mercey - les routiers

found in 8 min



  • new sample
  • new sample in Electro
  • new sample in Electro
  • ":) You're welcome. I'm happy I could help."
  • "You can listen the song's sample in this link. Sorry, i couldn't find any video."
  • "You've helped scratched decades of itch in my memory!"
  • "Oh is! Thanks! I can't believe it's a Christian music...I thought it was some other oldies. Now I need to check my memory for some confusion, did I really hear it in a church or from the cassette tape of romantic oldies. Lots of thanks bg!!!!!!!!"
  • many artists - via dolorosa
  • "Can it be "Via Dolorosa"?"
  • " Found it & confirmed via android app "Shazams". You should try it."
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