jean yanne et paul mercey - les routiers

found in 8 min



  • ""
  • Jade Warrior - May Queen
  • "Right! How could I miss it?! Franck Pourcel is one of my favourite musicians. Thank you, Obtuse!! Wish your life as happy as the tune plays!!!"
  • new sample in rock
  • "Now I know who’s the talented fluter! Thank you, Obtuse, good play (so to speak)!!!"
  • "There it is, Solon Orchestra! I just remember some words of the radio host, but not the whole introduction. You have nailed it, Obtuse!!! I wish my memory is as good as yours."
  • "Yes, James Last, one of great pop instrumental groups! Thank you, Obtuse, another hit (so to speak)!!!"
  • "Yep! I just remember some words in the song, but just cannot link them to the song title. Thank you, Obtuse, wish your life fill the a lot of laughters in the years to come!!!"
  • "Great! That is the pop song my brain hints to me. Thanks!!!"
  • "Here you are: lots of thanks!!!"
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