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  • "Thanks Moop for this quiz and see you soon ;)"
  • "Merci Mister Moop ! T'as oublié ceci je crois : http://www.watzatsong.com/fr/name-that-tune/31715.html"
  • "Teach me some polish Martin ;)! "Merci" = Dzieki? "dobranoc" = see you soon? What about HI, YOU'RE WELCOME, CONGRATULATIONS, DIFFICULT?"
  • "Dzieki moop i dobranoc :)"
  • "I thank Kat who proposed to help me solve ancient quizzes, it will be a big help, so we can 1) clean the database 2) not annoy people and 3) only have the unsolved ones in my account."
  • "Every quiz from now on (and from the past couple of months) will be cleaned a few days after."
  • "So congrats all :)"
  • "Bah oui :) Je te tapote sur la tête et te félicite."
  • "Dis moi que j'ai bon s'il te plait....."
  • "Yes, that's the song! Thank you so much for helping me find it :)"