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  • "Hi at last time! But in the future I will be more carefully before I buy a song from which I´m not sure if it is the right one for I was looking for. Thanks again very much and see you soon. Best regards from Buzz."
  • "Hi one more time! I´m grateful for every little tip. And I was too sure to myself in this two cases because that sounded so similar. To be contiuned"
  • "Hi once again! So I spent 15 euros for both wrong tipps, you remember the other tip with Bogart “When the sun goes down”. It should nothing worse happen. And I´m nevertheless very grateful to all members of Watzatsong. To be contiuned."
  • "Hi Pianoman! Today I get the record from the Force. Regrettably it isn´t the right one. Your tip was wrong. But never mind. Nobody can know all songs. And the record was very cheap. To be continued."
  • new sample in Electro
  • "The original Versions is faster. Your sample is slowed down. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1cx181_the-alan-parsons-project-the-gold-bug_music"
  • Alan Parsons Project - The Gold Bug
  • new sample
  • "thank you, Alberto561C."
  • "Maybe it's "if you play with fire you get burned" so the title could be Play with fire, Burned or anything like that."